Happy Leap-Day! This month’s tool is a collection of lots of little tools for editing animation curves. It’s not too flash, but I’m hoping to make up for that with volume. It’s divided into 6 sections: for offsetting, cutting, scaling in time, scaling value, clamping values, and clean-up. Each section is a tab with it’s own options and info, it all looks a bit busy for a UI but hopefully it will be self-explanatory. The workflows promoted by this tool are all about editing animation curves as a whole, rather than individual keys. Maya doesn’t have great workflows for editing large numbers of keys, for example offsetting all the animation in your scene. There can be a lot of room for error in finding your keys, selecting them all, and then editing them in a precise way. For a long time I had a bunch of little code snippets lying around for doing these sort of operations, and this tool is a way to finally bring them all together and polish them up in one place. Many of the operations

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Morgan Loomis New Crowdfunded Tool: AnimCurveEditor

I been searching for a tool like this one. Happy day!

Source: Morgan Loomis

New shot!!

After reading the book Cartoon Character Animation with Maya: Mastering the Art of Exaggerated Animation

Cartoon Character Animation in Maya

I wanted to try out different techniques for animating a cartoony shot. At work I always animate a lot of “realistic” type of animation.
It was really fun to do something different. I highly recommend the book btw.

I will start uploading more and more shot’s, especially shot’s I’ve done at work. Thinking of updating my Demo reel too, the one that I have now is really outdated.


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