Eyelids and Eye Types

Source: Eyelids and Eye Types

Very useful and informative post.

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I had the privilege to be mentored by James Chiang at Animation Mentor.
He has such a love and knowledge for the art of animation.
I am glad I had him as my last mentor at AM, he was very inspiring and I learned tons from him.
I really recommend checking out his blog, James has a lot to share about the art of animation.


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Klaus teaser ©2015 Sergio Pablos Animation Studios, S.L. & ANTENA 3 FILMS, S.L.U. All rights reserved on Vimeo


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Nobody Tells This To Beginners – YouTube


Good thing I still feel as a beginner :)

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how to screw up a drawing – YouTube

Very inspiring!
I got hit by this so hard. From now on; less expectations, more crafting!


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Dance shot

girl on fire dance from José Diaz on Vimeo.

Whenever I have time I try to animate different types of shot’s than what I do at my job, just to keep my edge sharp.

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Hello you!

I have resurrected my site again.
The reason or reasons are that I wanted to do some small animation projects at home and having a site is a great way to show them to people.
I also want a professional way to show my Demo Reel which I am still working on putting together.

I am currently working at Expansive Worlds as a lead animator an through the years I have done lot’s of animation worth showing, or so I hope.

I will put up more pages soon and try to keep this blog rolling.

Cheers for now!

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